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Perks are abilities, moves, and skills a character has gained, or can gain, during play. Learning a perk requires Gold, training time, and sometimes a resource to study from. Perk entries can be read the following way:


Perk Name (Tags)

Cost: X Gold

Requirements: List of Requirements

Optional Flavor Text



The Perk Name is the name of the perk.

The Tags describe the Perk further. Some basic Tags include:



Spell, Maneuver, Rune, Skill, etc.

This describes the type of perk. Whenever another Rule mentions one of these, this perk is also affected by it. (For example, Umbrana are resistant to damage from Spells)


Active or Passive. An Active Perk is usually some type of move, spell or action that can be taken. Passive Perks are always active.


Basic Perk. A basic perk can be learned at character creation


Repeatable Perk. A repeatable Perk can be learned multiple times. These perks have “levels” that cost a different amount of Gold. If a Repeatable Perk is basic, normally their second level isn’t. This means, a character can’t start off with “Increase Health III”. If a repeatable perk is active, the effects of their higher level are usually optional, meaning they can still be used as if they were of a lower level.


This Perk changes the way another perk works. It usually has that perk as requirement


Source required. This means that the perk requires a source to learn. This source could be a scroll, a book, some ancient text on a stone, or just a trainer.


An active Perk with the weapon tag requires you to make a weapon attack, a ranged weapon attack, or a melee weapon attack. Perks that work in addition to such an attack can be used in conjunction with this perk. For example, a character that uses the “Arcane Bolt” spell could use the “Aim Attack” Perk on one or all of the bolts.


The Cost of a Perk determines how many Gold it costs to learn. The time of learning the perk and the amount of money it costs to be taught this perk from a teacher are derived from that value.

A cost of “-” means that the perk can not be learned actively, but has to be gained through either another perk, race, culture or through gameplay.

A cost of “0” means that basically every character has this perk, which also explains why all Perks with a cost of “0” are considered Basic Perks. Repeatable Perks with a cost of 0 have a unique property: Their second level is considered basic too, which means a character could learn e.g. Trip II at character creation.


The Perk Requirements are a list of requirements that have to be met in order for a character to be able to learn that perk. This could be a specific Game Mode Level, a minimum Attribute value, or another Perk.


The Flavor Text some Perks have is mostly for imagination, and describes how the useage of this perk or someone owning the perk could look like.


The Perk Description covers the rest. It describes what the Perk does, what has to be done to activate it, and even how it looks like.