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Welcome to the Ragged Lands Pen-And-Paper System (RLP), the Open Source, Community-Created, Perk-based D12 Role Playing System. 



The system is currently in the process of being converted into latex. You can find the source, as well as the current .pdf in our github repository. After everything has been copied, this homepage will still serve as a hub for the system, as well as a source for information on the setting.


Open Source

Everything you see on this page is open to the public. Even though the game is not finished yet, it can be freely used, adapted, changed, etc.

Can I develop adventures using these rules and sell them? Yes, but please give us a heads-up and put us in the credits

Can I develop video games using these rules and sell them? Yes, but please give us a heads-up and put us in the credits

The only thing you are NOT allowed to do while using our rules is suggesting that you created things you didn't. The rule system is created by multiple talented people and authors, who reveice no money for what they do. At least give them the credit they deserve. And maybe buy them a beer from time to time.


Community Created

The whole system is created by members of our community. You can register yourself on this page, start helping playtest the game, develop and publish adventures on this homepage, give us feedback, suggest changes to the system, suggest new perks, and so on and so forth. We are happy for every bit of help we can get, so just register and tell us what you like or don't like.



The abilities a character has are based on perks, which are represented by a short text describing them. There are no actual classes in the Ragged Lands Pen-and-Paper Role Playing sytem, only suggestions on what starting set of perks a specific specialized character would choose. Beyond that, your imagination is the only confinment for character development. You want your berserker-type warrior to pick up a few spells? Go ahead! Your priest should be able to sneak up on his enemies? Sure, why not? 



One major problem with D20-based systems (like Dungeons and Dragons or The Black Eye) is that luck is too strong of a factor. However, Systems that use D6s are too ability-based. With ability values ranging from 1 to 12 and luck values also ranging from 1 to 12, we have found a strong balance between those two elements, making your character's ability as important as luck while still maintaining a strong element of suspense with each roll. Give it a try!


Dynamic Battle

Another major problem with modern P&P-Systems is the way combat is handled. Most systems have a turn-based approach, making combat more into a game, but reducing immersion. Other systems are totally open, possibly reducing the flow of the game. We have found a point in between. With Action Points as basic "activity currency" and following a turn-based combat approach, but allowing everyone to interrupt another one's turn and react dynamically to change by using more Action Points, combat is as dynamic and strategic, but also immersive as it gets.  


The Ragged Lands and beyond

Even though the system is created openly and it shouldn't take too much work to convert it to every Fantasy (or Sci-Fi) setting of your choice, the system is written with a specific setting in mind: The Ragged Lands, my own world of fantasy, conflict, and adventure. The Ragged Lands have a long history of development, from a young child's stupid doodles and make-believe with friends to a well-developed, lore-rich world. Most of the ideas, history and information about this world is still just in my head, but I will write down this work of my life on this web page step by step, and I want you to explore the wonders and dangers of this world, changing its fate yourself in a system of canon adventures.


Starting out

Do you want to start playing?

Visit the basic Rules page here


Are you a player and you need to create a character?

Here you will find a guide on how to do that.


Do you want to help us develop the game?

Please visit our Forum